Top 10: Marvelous Metals


As promised, here's a tasting menu featuring some of my favorite metallurgical content from our archives arranged, as usual, in mysteriously-appealing (and entirely arbitrary) top-ten format. Narrowing it down to just ten involved some hard choices; this subject is rich, and we've covered it a lot. A second round-up, perhaps... Read more »

August is Metals Month

Continuous casting copper disc (99.95% pure), macro etched, ∅ ≈83 mm, by Heinrich Pniok.

Well, what's left of August is Metals Month, I should say. A broad subject, to be sure, and with only a couple of weeks to explore it, I want to be fairly ruthless about focusing on interesting and unusual metals themselves, and processes for working with them, rather than more... Read more »

How-To: Satellite Imagery Throws Pillows

Google Maps Throw Pillows

In case you haven't heard the name before, Spoonflower is a print-on-demand custom fabric service that can indelibly print your images on a roll of fabric up to 58" wide. Andrew@CRAFT just spotted this promotional project from their guest author, Emma Jeffrey, showing off one of the many cool possibilities... Read more »

Engineer Guy vs. The Atomic Clock

Symmetricom CSAC

Here is the fifth video in Engineer Guy Series #4. The element of the week is cesium, as in "cesium fountain atomic clock." Watching it, my jaw was on the floor by 0:20, as Bill opens by showing off the Symmetricom CSAC, which is the world's first fully functional chip-scale... Read more »

Space Shuttle Demating Time Lapse


Way cool! This weekend several Resistor members worked together with The Last Shuttle Project and the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum to install a time lapse camera near Hangar 12 at JFK to record the demating operation of the Space Shuttle Enterprise (OV101) from the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft. [thanks, Trammell!] Read more »

Notes on a Garage Geopolymer Prep

Geopolymer samples

"Geopolymers" have been called "super cements." They are commonly made in academic labs, but so far I haven't found a good DIY prep for hands-on learners. I've run down a couple of sources and compiled a (still untested) procedure for making small geopolymer stone objects in the garage. Comments welcome. Read more »