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Notes on a Garage Geopolymer Prep

Geopolymer samples

"Geopolymers" have been called "super cements." They are commonly made in academic labs, but so far I haven't found a good DIY prep for hands-on learners. I've run down a couple of sources and compiled a (still untested) procedure for making small geopolymer stone objects in the garage. Comments welcome. Read more »

Top 10: Natural Materials

Jonathan Wolfe's puzzle acorns

When we say "natural materials," the mind leaps immediately to wood, stone, leather, natural fibers. But there are lots of interesting and more "exotic" materials from the natural world that we don't tend to think of, right away, and digging these up and showing them off is one of the... Read more »

Feel the Weather With Cryoscope


The Cryoscope shows the user exactly what to expect outside by haptically exhibiting exactly how cold or warm it is to be outside. The user simply touches an aluminum cube that has been heated or cooled to the appropriate temperature. The unit fetches weather data from the internet, and translates... Read more »


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