Introducing the FuzzBot

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 8.56.49 AM

Twelve-year-old Maker Quin already has a company of his own--Qtechknow. He founded a hackerspace in his garage on California's Central Coast. He helps teach Arduino classes for kids and adults. And he developed the "gas cap" a baseball hat that detects human methane emissions. (What 12-year-old woulnd't want that?) And... Read more »

Maker Scouts Love Bugs


As educators, we are always seeking subjects that are robust enough to allow children to have choices and are gender neutral to maximize engagement. The Exploratory specializes in developing projects that incorporate several learning opportunities into one project. This week, we introduced circuits and robotics and continued woodworking skills all... Read more »

Maker Scouts Get Busy


Our first session of the Maker Scouts Los Angeles featured sneak peeks at different making materials to show young children what some possibilities are. We have many scouts who have not had any real hands on project-making before and it was very important for us to show them how capable... Read more »

Father/Daughter Raspberry Pi-Based State Poster Project


With some help from her dad Scott, second grader Emma made this Raspberry Pi-controlled interactive trifold poster about the state of Vermont, for a school project. Pushing a button cycles through the different agricultural industries of the state, complete with lights and animal sound effects. Other buttons play recordings of... Read more »

Alice Taylor: Inventing the Future of Toys


Alice Taylor is CEO of Makielab, a London-based startup that 3D prints customised action dolls called Makies. Customers design their doll on the Makie website, choosing facial features, hairstyles, eye and skin colour, and selecting outfits and accessories. The dolls – fully-poseable, and about 10 inches tall are then printed... Read more »

Making Movies with Kids

A scene from Bianca Giaever's "The Scared is Scared."

Anyone who has kids will, at one time or another, point a video camera (or smartphone) at them and make a little home movie. But how about getting kids involved in making movies? Bianca Giaever doesn't have kids, but the young filmmaker has created a great short film called "The... Read more »