Just for Dad: Father’s Day Gift Guide

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Father's Day is this Sunday, June 16. If you haven't gotten anything for your dad yet and you were thinking of just picking up a tie and calling it done, I want to encourage you to rethink that. As a dad, I can say with some authority that dads really... Read more »

Hats Off to You, Dad!


As people are often quick to point out, Father’s and Mother’s Days are Hallmark holidays, designed to sell greeting cards. But knowing that, I’m still all for any holiday that ritually acknowledges the people in our lives. I don’t think we do nearly enough to celebrate each other, the work... Read more »

The Maker Movement Belongs To The Kids Now…


Like many of you who were at Maker Faire Bay Area 2012, I’m still recovering. Seeing, meeting, and talking to thousands of makers is overwhelming and it is energizing — there is nothing like it. Today happens to be Father’s Day, so I thought I’d post an observation that I... Read more »

A Father’s Day Gift from MAKE


For this year's Father's Day celebration, we've put together a set of downloadable cards that you can print onto card stock, cut out, and make into a little present to give to dad, some other maker in your life, or keep for yourself. The three cards are: Basic Maker Skills... Read more »

Top 10: Easy DIY Gifts My Dad Would Dig

Mini Mint Tin Toolboxes

Most of the fathers I know actually have very little in common with Demographic Dad. You know the guy I'm talking about, right? About five-nine, one-eighty? Likes big-screen TVs, neckties, and golf clubs? Largely an invention of greeting card publishers and retail marketing directors? Yeah, that guy. Between you and... Read more »