Pattern Play: Dutch Wax-Inspired Paper Printing

Dutch Wax-Inspired Paper Printing

Love the bold patterns and saturated colors of Dutch wax fabrics? Make your own eye-catching patterns with this Dutch wax-inspired paper printing technique! Our favorite DIY inspirations often come from global traditions, Dutch wax fabric being a beautiful case-in-point. With its origins in Javanese batiks and ties to Dutch printing... Read more »

Broad City Stitches: NOMO FOMO Cross-Stitch Sampler

Broad City NOMO FOMO Cross-Stitch Sampler

A fan of the show Broad City? Need your own gentle reminder to let go of the FOMO (fear of missing out)? You definitely won’t want to miss out on the awesome Broad City-inspired NOMO FOMO cross-stitch sampler and stitchalong that’s currently happening on BUST! For this stitchalong, however, we’ll... Read more »

Perfect Project Carrier: Crochet on the Go Bag

Perfect Project Carrier: Crochet on the Go Bag

Keep your crochet or knitting projects organized and within easy reach with this handy over-the-arm Crochet on the Go Bag portable project carrier with free printable sewing pattern! This handy bag, inspired by a wine bottle tote, will hold two skeins of yarn, several crochet hooks, pattern, stitch markers and... Read more »

Easter Adorable: Crocheted Newborn Bunny Hat


What could be cuter than a teeny tiny crocheted bunny hat on a teeny tiny baby? Nothing, I tell you! Absolutely nothing. Make your newborn the sweetest kid at your neighborhood Easter egg hunt with this crocheted newborn bunny hat pattern and tutorial from Olivia at Hopeful Honey! I think... Read more »

Knitting Tips: 3 Ways to Weave in Ends


As any new knitter will tell you, weaving in yarn ends seems like it should be a pretty straightforward task, but hiding those extra inches can be surprisingly frustrating if you don’t know what you’re doing. Luckily, learning three simple techniques—the selvedge edge weave, duplicate stitch, and invisible purl bump... Read more »