Man Builds Crazed 54-rotor Flying Vehicle


A British man, YouTuber “gasturbine101,” has posted a video of the first test flight for his “Swarm Manned Aerial Vehicle Multirotor Super Drone,” a “pentacontakaitetracopter” (aka a multirotor with 54 blades). The flight for this over-the-top flying vehicle lasted for about ten minutes and it looks like most of the... Read more »

Crouching Phoenix, Flying Dragon

Caipei and Hanfang Cao at Maker Faire NY 2013.

A phoenix, dragons, a flying Jesus with accompanying angels, and a flying wizard (not to be confused with Harry Potter) are among the menagerie of creations you may see this year at Maker Faire. It sounds a bit crazy and maybe it is, but I loved it last year and I'm... Read more »

First Drone Games In SF Today

Organizers of the Drone Olympics

Autonomous Flight, with a Few Lines of Javascript The first-ever flying drone competition for Silicon Valley’s developer community lands today (Dec 1) at 385 Grove Street, San Francisco, CA. Organizers of the Drone Games, Jyri Engestrom & Chris Sanz, pictured above, write: “In the next few years the idea of drones... Read more »