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MAKE presents: The Capacitor

Simple yet effective, they come in a dizzying array of forms and materials. Vital to so many circuits for storage, timing, and filtration – the mighty capacitor! Download the m4v file or subscribe in iTunes In this installment of the MAKE presents series I explain – how to build a... Read more »

Life improvement devices

There’s a lot of commercial technology out there intended to improve our quality of life (in a sense, almost all of it). A speaker @ Bay Area Maker Day mentioned a few devices she found effective for modifying her own behavior – Sleeptracker watch – wakes you at the end... Read more »

Bikestand with airpump

Is it possible to be in love with a bike stand? Yes! …a bikestand with airpump(Heklucht), type Ypenburg The product has been conceived for an art project in Ypenburg (a newly build neighbourhood in the Netherlands). Eight products will be placed in front of eight houses. The goal of the... Read more »


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