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Guitar Strap Gamepad


If you’re playing Rocksmith (and I think you should be), and you’re playing standing up (ditto), you have probably run into the “where do I put the controller” problem. The gamepad is required to navigate the menu system between songs, and if you play in a standing position you have... Read more »

Wheatley Prop


To make this prop you’re going to need a large bowl to shape it, newspaper, glue/water mixture, aluminum foil, scissors, white or light gray spray paint, some kind of glue (I would advise rubber cement, mod podge, or both.), a hot glue gun, an optic print out, and something to... Read more »

Skull Ball (Super Geek Beer Pong)


This guide will describe the steps required to build Skull Ball, a DIY interactive game using a teensy microcontroller and a Sharp IR sensor to count ping-pong balls being thrown into a plastic cup mounted in a plastic skull. I built this project in about 5-6 hours the week of... Read more »

Coffee Table MAME Console


By John Baichtal and Adam Wolf Do you remember those classic video game arcades filled with rattling quarters, 8-bit songs, and flashing lights? You can reclaim that excitement in your own living room with this Coffee Table MAME Console. In 1997, Italian software developer Nicola Salmoria released the first iteration... Read more »