GPS-Based Puppy Pedometer


Becky Stern is up to some really cool stuff over at Adafruit. This GPS Dog Collar (as shown on her adorable dog, Olive) uses a a GPS sensor, OLED display, and Adafruit's Atmega32u4 Breakout Board to track your pet's progress towards a goal distance. Read more »

Engineer Guy vs. The Atomic Clock

Symmetricom CSAC

Here is the fifth video in Engineer Guy Series #4. The element of the week is cesium, as in "cesium fountain atomic clock." Watching it, my jaw was on the floor by 0:20, as Bill opens by showing off the Symmetricom CSAC, which is the world's first fully functional chip-scale... Read more »

DIY Street View Kit


Have you ever wanted your very own Street View camera to capture the places not yet covered by Google Maps? With this DIY Street View Kit from German designer Jan Martin, you can now map your favorite walking trail, camp site, or remote location. The kit can be mounted on... Read more »

Create 3D Models of Buildings with a UAV


Using an octocopter UAV and its 123D Catch software, CAD software maker Autodesk was able to capture a 3D model of its corporate headquarters in San Rafael, CA. The model itself was generated from aerial photos taken from the UAV and processed with their 123D photogrammetry software. Read more »

Project Glass: In Your Face, Out of the Way


Folks have been speculating about Google's foray into wearable computing for some time now. The wait is over. Google has released details about Project Glass, their super-secret augmented reality project that packs a rich visual interface inside a sleek wrap-around heads-up display unit. Read more »