Milwaukee Makerspace’s Hacked Water Cooler


Ron Bean has a fascinating post on Milwaukee Makerspace’s wiki about his project to plumb in the hackerspace’s water cooler. In addition to the obligatory refrigerator full of soda (or sometimes empty of soda, depending on whether anyone’s filled it recently), we also have a water cooler that takes the... Read more »

Making Makerspaces: Acquiring Insurance


This is the first in a series of posts documenting how to start a makerspace of your own in your local community. This post is focused on the one question almost everyone asks when starting a space - how do you get insurance for your makerspace? We'll start with a... Read more »

Is it a Hackerspace, Makerspace, TechShop, or FabLab?


The past decade has seen the sudden, dramatic appearance of community spaces offering public, shared access to high-end manufacturing equipment. These spaces are interchangeably referred to as hackerspaces, makerspaces, TechShops, and FabLabs. This can lead the intended audience to become incredibly confused as to why there might be so many... Read more »

The Alternate Makerspace–MAKE:SF

Nothing fuels the projects of MAKE:SF more than LEDs.

Among the makerspaces represented in Expo Hall at Maker Faire this weekend is one which offers regular meetings, cheap dues, great venues, and no lease commitments. That's the formula for MAKE:SF which holds regular meetups at hosting business locations. The cost to join this makerspace is a mere $10/six months... Read more »

Ubiquity Robot Team’s “12 Tasks of Hercules”

Hacker Dojo's Hercules Robotics Platform

Got a passion project and want to build a team around it? Start in your makerspace! Dr. David Crawley desperately wanted to hack robots and build a useful platform, not an inexpensive toy that couldn't do anything or a useful robot that few could afford. He wanted his to be... Read more »