Ridiculously Detailed European Cafe in Lego


  Looking at these images, you’d be forgiven for imagining this European-style Lego cafe actually comes alive when you’re not looking and serves microbrews and amazing farm-fresh pub food to hungry Minifig locals. You can almost hear the din of enthusiastic diners and the cooking noises leaking out from the kitchen.... Read more »

Scratchbuilt: Superdetailed B-24 Liberator

Without going all the way out on a limb, I'll borrow language from my first scratchbuilt post and suggest that polish master modeler Andrzej Ziober is producing work that is approaching "the limits a single modeler can achieve," using conventional scale modeling techniques and technologies, in the field of 1/72... Read more »

Scratchbuilt: 1/87 Mack FCSW Water Truck

1/87 is essentially HO scale, which is said to be the most popular scale for model rail stock in the world. For cars and even large trucks, as you can see, it's pretty dang small. Which is what makes the level of detail achieved by renowned truck modeler Joe Enriquez... Read more »

Tabletop Gaming — Modeling Tips and Tricks

Image (2) barricade7_600.jpg for post 114644

In the early aughts, I ran a popular and well-regarded tabletop wargame modeling and converting site called 40K Konversions. It was dedicated to all forms of modeling related to the Warhammer 40,000 universe. I went through my articles from the site and have put together some of the best tips... Read more »

Scratchbuilt: MV Agusta 750 S

Just one of twenty stunning scale models--most of them 1/6 motorcycles--from Spanish crasftman Pere Tarragó of Motoscala Tarragó. Sr. Tarragó takes great work-in-progress shots for his models, and this one is no exception. Read more »