Skill Builder: Figure Sculpting Tutorials

Julian Khor, a Senior Lead Designer at Ubisoft Singapore, has a series of inspiring videos (99 in all) on sculpting superheroes, action figures, and modeling the human form in general (virtual 3D modeling tuts, too). The above video is part one of a 35-part series on sculpting a Hulk-y "action... Read more »

Scratchbuilt: Q-14 Reconnaissance Robot

This is an entry from Bay Stater John Neiner in Starship Modeler's 2007 Yellow contest. It's built from sheet styrene with a few borrowed details from various model kits. Lots more written how-to from John on the model detail page, and some great work-in-progress shots on the Neiner family blog. Read more »

Scratchbuilt: Model Masters for Fantastic Plastic

Scott Lowther's models aren't (generally) painted, because Scott Lowther's models aren't (generally) for display—they're for casting molds to make kit-parts from. If you've ever been curious about this process, Scott's site has a great selection of finished, in-process, and still-to-come master models he's working—on contract or on "spec"—to turn into... Read more »

Remembering Mike Dorffler, Cineroc Creator

A few days, one of our contributors, Stefan Jones, sent us a lovely piece he'd written, an ode to the 1970s Estes model rocket catalog. We'll be publishing that piece in the near future. It completely inspired my own nostalgic longing for my model rocketry past. Read more »

Scratchbuilt: Vought F4U-D Corsair

Retired dentist Young C. Park built this 1/16 scale replica of the WWII-era fighter plane mostly from common aluminum roof flashing, like the kind you can buy in big rolls at most hardware stores. Dr. Park spent considerable time and energy developing special methods for working this material, including an... Read more »