Scratchbuilt: WH40K Armored Train

This classic Warhammer 40,000-style wargaming model is actually the work of the Games Workshop studio team, and was produced for an example battle in GW’s 2007 Apocalypse rulebook. Individual modelers, as far as I can tell, are not credited. There are more pictures on the GW website, and I find... Read more »

Scratchbuilt: USS Enterprise CVN-65

Sixteen feet long, five feet wide, and four feet tall, this 1/72 replica of the US Navy’s "Big E" represents nineteen years of builder Gabriel Suryani’s hobby, and has been called "something that is close to the limits a single modeler can achieve." Read more »

Annoucing Hobby How-To Month

We've been enjoying all of our themes and Skill Builder series this year, but many of us are particularly excited by this month: Hobby How-Tos. All of us being kids at heart, we still have a soft spot for things like scale modeling, rocketry, tabletop gaming, Legos, R/C vehicles, model... Read more »

Top 10: Rubik’s cube posts

I really could’t tell you why Make: Online runs so many Rubik’s cube posts. Maybe it’s because the cube is an iconic toy, or because of the intellectual, math-focused challenge. Either way, we like ’em. Here are ten Rubik’s cube posts pulled from our archives. #10 Android-powered LEGO Rubik’s Cube... Read more »

Online dice collections

Shown above is a small sample of Justin Michell's meticulously-documented dice collection over at Kevin Cook's Justin's is one of six collections, besides Kevin's own, hosted at the site, which makes for fascinating browsing. Most folks' experience of dice is limited to the simple Platonic-solid dice, but of the... Read more »