Tiny Treat Stand

When I used to live in a tiny home, I wanted a cake stand permanently camped out on the counter to display sweet treats and other bites of goodness. But counter space was sparse, so I simply sighed a lot as I put my baked goods into boring square glass... Read more »

Perfect Party Cake

For most people, the word “party” conjures up an image that is so intimidating, so overwhelming, so terrifying that they just want to skip the whole thing — it’s just too much pressure. A party doesn’t necessarily have to be a big, extravagant to-do. A party can be as simple... Read more »

Demirdöküm Servis | 612 90 90 | servisdemirdokum.gen.tr

Çağrı merkezine yapacağınız kayıtlar en yakın Demirdöküm servisine yönlendirilir. Deneyimli müşteri temsilcilerimiz, servisinizi sizin istekleriniz doğrultusunda sisteme işler ve takibini gerçekleştirir. Demirdöküm servis anlayışı ile siz servis beklemezsiniz, servis gelmeden önce sizi arar! İstanbul’ un her semtinden ulaşabileceğiniz servis numaralarımız: Anadolu Yakası Çağrı Merkezi : 0216 488 56 04 Avrupa... Read more »

Egg Heads Puzzle

As a retirement present for Joe Malkevitch, a geometer friend who likes puzzles, I designed and built this 1′-diameter Egg Heads puzzle from ¼" walnut. Many of my sculpture and puzzle designs require laser-cutting or other computer-guided fabrication technology to accurately produce intricate parts. But this design is simple enough... Read more »

Civilized Cat Toilet Training

Would you let your guests crap in a box on your floor? No? Then why would you let your cats? Here’s how to get them using the toilet like civilized members of the family. Aside from the risks of toxoplasmosis and other diseases transmitted by cat feces, there’s significant labor... Read more »

Lunchbox Laser Shows

Back in the 1970s, my friend Wayne Gillis and I used to do light shows at science fiction conventions. We had the usual panoply of overhead, slide, and custom-made projectors, and a single, very expensive, helium-neon laser from Edmund Scientific. Calling ourselves Light Opera, and later, Illuminatus, we performed at... Read more »

Rock ‘n’ Roll Speakers

Whether you’re at a Bangkok hostel or backpacking in Goa, you can rock out to your favorite tunes with these portable Rock ’n’ Roll Speakers, a set of customizable, low-fi travel speakers that allow you to take your music everywhere. The speakers are driven by a simple power amplifier circuit... Read more »


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