DIY Wedding Details

Your wedding is one of the most special and touching days of your life, making it the perfect time to bring personal, one-of-a-kind DIY elements into the mix. Delia and Jeff's wedding did just this and is featured in Ruffled. Read more »

Handmade Pirate Film

Daisy Edwards is an awesome animator and is currently working on She's A Rebel a stop animated short film about the escapades of the kick-tuckus female pirate Anne Bonny and her trusty, dress-making side-kick Pierre. Read more »

Handmade Inspiration Journals

TheDelicateUtility knows the importance of having a place for all those great ideas swimming around in your head. Put them to use in these handmade journals made from reclaimed leather, folders and paper. The pages are blank, and best of all, most of the journals are small enough to fit... Read more »

Taxidermy Die-Hard Dioramas

Who doesn’t love a little anthropomorphic taxidermy? These dioramas from lovedtodeath actually pay tribute to animals through the lost Victorian art form dating from the 1850s. The attention to detail with period furnishings, miniature artwork and even replaceable lighting within the frame make these pieces pretty special, with an edgy... Read more »

“Something Blue” Corinne’s Top 30

One of my favorite details about a wedding is the “Something Blue”. In this video I share with you my favorite handmade somethings blue found via the good ‘ole interwebs. How would you incorporate something blue? Let me know in a comment! Also, be sure to check out the links... Read more »

How-To: Make Your Own Faux Oilcloth Fabric

The problem with oilcloth, more often than not, is actually managing to get your hands on the stuff. Even if you have access to a good fabric store, the selection is usually small, and it can be difficult to find the right color or an appropriate pattern. Dissatisfied with her... Read more »