How Plastic Bottles Are Recycled (video)

Wow! This video lives up to that classic “How it’s Made” episode about Styrofoam, except this one reduces contributions to landfills. Look inside the Ecostar recycling facility in Wisconsin to see how plastic bottles are recycled. [via Core77] Read more »

How-To: Classic Leather Water Bottle

A commenter on my recent dried orange peel box post pointed us at this truly outstanding phototutorial from Bushcraft USA forum member Eric Methven. Eric dshows off his classic leatherworking skills and equipment in a series of three detailed posts, featuring more than 50 photographs carefully documenting each step of... Read more »

Escher’s Waterfall Video Illusion – An Explanation?

Two weeks ago we covered YouTuber mcwolles‘ remarkable full-motion illusion appearing to show M.C. Escher’s impossible Waterfall in real-time operation. Those of you hungry for an explanation may be interested in this diagram from Boing Boing reader David Goldman, who thinks the video was shot using forced perspective, with a... Read more »

How (fancy) mattresses are made

Cool Hunting went inside the Hästens mattress production facility in Sweden to take a fascinating look at how horse hair, metal springs, and wool are combined to make “the best bed in the world.” Read more »

How a quartz watch works

This is great explanation of how the piezoelectric effect of quartz is used to keep accurate time. via Reddit The amazing everyday wristwatch: We never think about it, but only because engineers have made it so reliable and durable that we don’t need to. At its heart lies a tiny... Read more »