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How-To: PVC and Cable Dyeing

I’m not surprised about the popularity of Sean Michael Ragan’s PVC dyeing technique write-up on Make: Projects. So many projects we feature use this boring white pipe because of its low price, widespread availability, and versatility. Since PVC doesn’t take paint very well, this PVC dyeing technique is perfect for... Read more »

How-To: Bottle Cutting

With a bottle cutting jig, you can easily recycle your used glass bottles into reusable drinking glasses or flower vases. After scoring the glass with the jig, there are a few different ways to make a clean break. In this video, I show how to do this using a candle... Read more »

The Truth Meter: Don't Sweat It

When you feel nervous, excited, surprised, or otherwise aroused, you experience galvanic skin response (GSR). Your sweat glands, in responses to adrenaline and other hormones, start to release micro pulses of sweat. GSR is one component of polygraph tests because it’s an indicator of how nervous a question makes you... Read more »


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