Oversized Mechanical Hand Extensions


Whether you're creating a costume for the next convention or gearing up for Halloween a little early, you'll dig Etsy seller Ivan Owen's mechanical hand extensions. Covered in fur or left bare, Owen's prosthesis are suitable for werewolfs to steampunk robots and everything in between. Read more »

DARPA’s AlphaDog Tracks Humans


Most of the work coming out of robotics powerhouse Boston Dynamics looks like it just came off a movie set. But it's demonstrations like the recently released video of DARPA's LS3 Legged Squad Support System going through it's paces: climbing up hills, over rocky terrain, through brush, tracking humans, that... Read more »

Papercraft Walking Bipedal Robot


The build video for mechanical paper model maker Kikousya's papercraft walking bipedal robot is a top shelf example of what a dedicated artist can achieve with simple materials. In this case, paper, rubber bands, wooden dowels, and some paste. Read more »

Stair climbing challenge at RoboGames 2008

Climbing stairs. Not as easy as it looks. I know this from personal experience. I like how the winning approach is to favor one leg. That’s how I did it, before my hip replacement. I did NOT however slide down stairs sideways! RoboGames 2008: Stair Climbing Challenge Read more »

Kondo robot gets rebrained

The Kondo Humanoid Robot just got a brain upgrade, thanks to the announcement of a new controller board, the KCB-1. Robots Dreams has the scoop: The new KCB-1, which we assume stands for Kondo Controller Board, is a significant departure from it’s predecessors like the RCB-1 and RCB-3. For example,... Read more »