Watch DARPA’s Pet-Proto Robot Navigate Obstacles


DARPA, in collaboration with Boston Dynamics, has created a variety of fascinating robots in the past, including one that can outrun Usain Bolt and another that has a surprisingly human-like gait. Here's a short clip of DARPA's Pet-Proto robot accomplishing autonomous decision making and navigation through three obstacles. Read more »

DARPA’s AlphaDog Tracks Humans


Most of the work coming out of robotics powerhouse Boston Dynamics looks like it just came off a movie set. But it's demonstrations like the recently released video of DARPA's LS3 Legged Squad Support System going through it's paces: climbing up hills, over rocky terrain, through brush, tracking humans, that... Read more »

Kondo robot gets rebrained

The Kondo Humanoid Robot just got a brain upgrade, thanks to the announcement of a new controller board, the KCB-1. Robots Dreams has the scoop: The new KCB-1, which we assume stands for Kondo Controller Board, is a significant departure from it’s predecessors like the RCB-1 and RCB-3. For example,... Read more »


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