How-To: Altoids Tin Abacus


Instructables user eclipsed posted a how-to guide which walks you through the process of turning an Altoids tin into a pocket abacus. To make your own, all you'll need is an awl, some wire, beads, and of course an Altoids tin. Read more »

Printable Tilt-Shift Lens Adaptor


The traditional way to cobble together a tilt-shift adaptor involves some plumbing and a little trial and error. Things have become a little easier if you have access to a 3D printer. Instructables user Joe Murphy put together this custom tilt-shift adaptor for his micro 4/3 camera, but I'm sure... Read more »

How-To: Build a Room-Sized Skill Crane

Room sized crane game

In the latest version of his DIY skill crane, Marc has added a third dimension, expanded the crane's envelope to cover an entire room, and upgraded the business end with a SparkFun robotic claw. A universal TV remote serves as controller, communicating by IR with Arduinos in each of the... Read more »

How-To: Giant Chess Set

Slot together giant chess set with small human for scale

I like this new project from former Instructables artist-in-residence Jayefuu for a lot of reasons, but firstly, probably, because I've been down the same road. I've wanted a giant chess set for awhile, but, as he says... Read more »

How-To: Manikin Lamp

Whamodyne Manikin Lamp

Ray Alderman's Manikin Figure Lamp with iPad 01 made a nice splash when we featured it in the MAKE Flickr pool roundup about a month ago, and Ray (aka Whamodyne) just wrote in to let us know that he's recently posted a cool Instructable about how to make your own. Read more »

Stage Combat Training Shirt w/Lilypad Arduino

Stage combat training shirt

Instructables user grossmr1 teaches stage combat, and was looking for a more efficient way to communicate sword target points to her students than language or pointing. The garment she designed features LEDs at various target points, and conductive pads on the fingers and thumb of one gauntlet. She can select... Read more »