DIY Fractal Antenna for Digital TV

Fractal TV Antenna

Spotted in the MAKE Flickr Pool, this homemade fractal antenna for digital television signals by Roy Jacobsen of Fargo, ND. Instructions for, and discussions of, similar designs are available in this Instructable from William Ruckman. Judging from the comments over there, folks who have built their own fractal antennae are... Read more »

Handy Bowl

Lasercut Hand Bowl

In fact, this Addams Family-evoking bowl made from interlocking sections of laser-cut ply is the second of Instructables user PenfoldPlant’s projects we have covered, the first being this giant hand-shaped snow sculpture from January of last year. Offhand, I’d say he’s got a bit of a fixation. On the other... Read more »

How-To: Screwdriver Cutlery

Image (3) make-volume-28-mame-console-closeup.gif for post 116541

Even if you don't fancy the idea of a fork, knife, spoon, sporks, spife, knork or other eating utensil with an acrylic screwdriver handle, I was interested to discover, in this Instructable by user Patenteux du Nord, that these common plastic tool handles can be easily removed and )at least... Read more »

How-To: Rifle Shell Pen Body

I have before identified Instructables user Mrballeng as a craftsman's craftsman, and this latest offering only serves to reinforce that opinion. His work is not flashy or complex, but it's always thought out with exacting detail and does amazing things with everyday materials. Here, he uses a mini-lathe to bore,... Read more »