Raspberry Pi in an N64 Case


Raspberry Pis are neat because they have so many applications and are open to creative expansion by any user with an idea. And they're only $35! The downside of that low price is that no accessories are included, which means no case. After the Raspberry Pi Meetup here at MAKE,... Read more »

Intern’s Corner: My First Project


I am a recently hired intern at MAKE and I work in MAKE Labs. My first build was the "Audiobook," one of the projects for an upcoming issue of MAKE. It turned out to be fun to build and a good introductory project for me. Read more »

Interns Corner: MAKE Robot Project


By Nick Raymond Photos by Gunther Kirsch & Nick Raymond Working at MAKE is anything but boring. On any given day, someone might walk into the MAKE Labs and say, “So I was thinking about building [fill in the blank], can you help me?” The people here are open to the... Read more »

My Time at MAKE: a 1.093-Year Retrospective

Max Eliaser with Bubblebot Relics

As you can tell by the title, I’m a little over a month late in writing this one-year retrospective, so I guess I’d better get started. Back in June of 2011, I was fortunate enough to be put in contact with Dale Dougherty through a friend of a friend. I sent him a brief... Read more »

Intern’s Corner: The Arduino Bumper


Inspired by Arduino design and the iPhone Bumper, I present to you the 3D-printable Arduino Bumper! The Arduino Bumper is a 3D-printed case for Arduino boards that use the Uno form factor. It allows the Arduino to be placed onto a flat conductive surface without running the risk of shorting out... Read more »

Intern’s Corner: My First Faire

Maker Faire 2012

Imagine a child’s first white Christmas: the excitement of snow, the mystique of Santa, and the oh-so-important presents. Now multiply that feeling threefold, and add in some fire, a few hundred robots, and enough paper rockets to make NASA nervous. Overwhelmed? So was I! Because I work at MAKE, I know... Read more »