Intern’s Corner: Open Make Event

Last month, we had our first Open Make event, opening the doors of MAKE HQ in Sebastopol California and letting people check out Make: Labs and the new Project Make classroom. We had such a great turnout that we've decided to make this a reoccurring event. Read more »

Intern’s Corner: Lazyweb Camera Search

Here at Make: Labs we're all about documenting the testing and building of projects. Up until recently, we interns had direct access to a small digital "point and shoot" style camera that we would use for close up detailed shots and to capture images of life in the lab. Read more »

Intern’s Corner: Making Apple Cider

One crisp Autumn afternoon, I had the privilege of joining MAKE General Manager Dale Dougherty as he used his wooden apple press to make cider from the apples that grow on his property. Dale has been making cider for over 20 years, and since this was only my second time... Read more »

Intern’s Corner: Autodesk Inventor Publisher Review

MAKE’s awesome interns tell about the projects they’re building in the Make: Labs, the trouble they’ve gotten into, and what they’ll make next. By Nick Raymond, engineering intern Autodesk recently sent Make: Labs a copy of their latest software, Inventor Publisher 2011. Earlier in the week, I had been using... Read more »