Maker Faire Detroit: Kinetic Push Mill Interview

Maker Faire Detroit: Kinetic Push Mill

The projects at Maker Faire always run the gamut, with a healthy balance between the whimsical and the practical. Maker Faire Detroit, taking place this weekend, July 28 and 29, at The Henry Ford, is no exception. Last week we got a window into the Great American Horn Machine, mobile... Read more »

Interview: Laen from Dorkbot PDX/OSH Park PCB


Laen, Open Source Hardware Hero (Photo courtesy of natetherobot) Editor’s note: Joining me interviewing Laen (and in the introduction) is John DeCristofaro, best known as Johngineer in the maker world. Many of you have probably used (or at least know about) the Dorkbot PDX PCB service. Recently, the service changed... Read more »

Maker Works – A Makerspace with a Social Purpose

Do makerspaces serve people’s wants or people’s needs? Certainly the vast majority of these spaces exist because people want to work on projects, learn from one another, and have access to shared tools. However, there is a small subset whose purpose is to address the needs of a community. This... Read more »

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Things About Duo Fiberworks

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Today’s 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 features Duo Fiberworks. I hope you read this piece carefully, because the answers are great. I actually think that one of the mistakes mentioned is hugely inspirational. Anyone who has ever felt insecure about their work should read it, and take it to heart.... Read more »