Soapbox: Return of the Learn — Hardware Companies Teach Tech


The times they are a-changin’. Companies selling electronics to makers, hobbyists, and professionals will also need to teach and inspire. Selling the bits just isn’t enough. This week’s Soapbox is all about the growing trend of hardware makers becoming online educational destinations in addition to simply supplying product. Good information... Read more »

Interview: Laen from Dorkbot PDX/OSH Park PCB


Laen, Open Source Hardware Hero (Photo courtesy of natetherobot) Editor’s note: Joining me interviewing Laen (and in the introduction) is John DeCristofaro, best known as Johngineer in the maker world. Many of you have probably used (or at least know about) the Dorkbot PDX PCB service. Recently, the service changed... Read more »

The Maker Movement Belongs To The Kids Now…


Like many of you who were at Maker Faire Bay Area 2012, I’m still recovering. Seeing, meeting, and talking to thousands of makers is overwhelming and it is energizing — there is nothing like it. Today happens to be Father’s Day, so I thought I’d post an observation that I... Read more »