Time For Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts 2.0?


I don't see kids adding skills they've earned to their social networking profiles yet, I mostly see check-ins, bands, movies and status updates. While historic groups like the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are sometimes associated with camping and selling cookies for many - I think there might be something... Read more »

Aerial Drones and U.S. Law

Eye in the sky

My post last Friday (Making Money with Drone-Based Businesses) was long on enthusiasm and short on facts. Thanks, as always, to our fantastic commentariat for helping me get up to speed. The story of drone entrepreneurship is, in fact, emerging, but the technology and the willing entrepreneurs are mostly in... Read more »

Zen and the Art of Making

This week for my bi-weekly soapbox columns I thought I'd share some of my notes I've jotted down recently about making things, working with and supporting beginners. Lately, I've been thinking about how much fun it is when you're a beginner at something as opposed to being an "expert". At... Read more »