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Give Something Useless this Christmas

2012-12-12 01.37

How much time and effort do you put in to choosing the perfect Christmas gift? If you're like my wife and I, it's far too much. It is practical? Will they use it? It's a never ending guessing game that typically ends up with a polite "thank you" card. This... Read more »

LushOne Synthesizer Kit


Iain Sharp built a single-board, open source modular synth packing some pretty cool features: The LushOne kit is designed to provide the core functions of a modular synthesizer in a low-cost single board design. The LushOne can be controlled from a MIDI keyboard or PC interface to allow you to... Read more »

DIY Laser Cutter Kit on Kickstarter


Patrick Hood-Daniel and MAKE friend James Floyd Kelly are developing a DIY laser cutter and marketing it via a Kickstarter campaign. While laser cutters share many similarities to CNC machines and 3D printers (mainly in motors that control movement or software/electronics that define where to cut, mill, print, etc.), the... Read more »