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LushOne Synthesizer Kit


Iain Sharp built a single-board, open source modular synth packing some pretty cool features: The LushOne kit is designed to provide the core functions of a modular synthesizer in a low-cost single board design. The LushOne can be controlled from a MIDI keyboard or PC interface to allow you to... Read more »

DIY Laser Cutter Kit on Kickstarter


Patrick Hood-Daniel and MAKE friend James Floyd Kelly are developing a DIY laser cutter and marketing it via a Kickstarter campaign. While laser cutters share many similarities to CNC machines and 3D printers (mainly in motors that control movement or software/electronics that define where to cut, mill, print, etc.), the... Read more »

Weekend Projects – Repeat After Me: A Mintronics Memory Game

Complete instructions for this episode of Weekend Projects can be found at Combine a MintDuino and Mintronics Survival Pack into a fun memory game reminiscent of Simon and Pocket Repeat from years past. This project will have you build an Arduino clone, program it, and hook it up to... Read more »