Ridiculously Detailed European Cafe in Lego


  Looking at these images, you’d be forgiven for imagining this European-style Lego cafe actually comes alive when you’re not looking and serves microbrews and amazing farm-fresh pub food to hungry Minifig locals. You can almost hear the din of enthusiastic diners and the cooking noises leaking out from the kitchen.... Read more »

Phone Racer—Lego iPhone Gaming Stand


Materials: LEGO Education kit 9686, or equivalent subset of parts Printable building instructions and parts inventory: phone_racer.pdf Introduction: Ok, I admit it – I’m not a huge video-gamer. I’d rather play strategic board games. And when it comes to racing, I’d rather be moving at high speed with at least two... Read more »

Black Maker Month: Anthony Fudd

I was surprised when I met Anthony for the first time at the 2012 Barbot competition in San Francisco. This guy was part of the Lego Mindstorm team. How cool is that! Not only does he know how to make cool stuff with Legos, but he actually makes Legos. I... Read more »