Exactly perfect little glowing mushroom lamps

I don't know how else to put it. These lamps, by a Japanese craftsman known as The Great Mushrooming, feature handblown glass mushrooms, with internal LEDs, mounted in found driftwood bases with conspicuous on/off switches. I don't think they could get any better. [via Inhabitat] Read more »

Naniwa craftsmanship festival

From the MAKE Flickr pool: I’m not sure what Osaka, Japan’s Naniwa craftsmanship festival is, but it looks like a mini maker faire. Lots of fascinating projects, I wish I could have been there! Read more »

Indoor snowstorm

An installation by Tokujin Yoshioka, whom some may remember for growing a crystal chair back in 2008, for the Mori Art Museum's ongoing Sensing Nature exhibit. Snow is 15 meters wide and contains hundreds of kilograms of white down which is randomly blown around at intervals by hidden fans. [via... Read more »

This is not a real butterfly…

...but non-lepidopterists will probably be hard-pressed to figure that out just by looking at it. The video rates high on the jaw-dropping scale. The ChouChou electric butterfly is, in fact, a lepidoteroid robot, of sorts, from Japanese firm Tenyo Magic. It perches, flexes and flaps its wings, and flutters around... Read more »

Etched brass LED light

I love this ornate and colorful light that Japanese maker Keisuke Matsushita created with RGB LEDs and a beautiful etched brass enclosure. Keisuke’s site is in Japanese but you can still get a sense of how he made this project. Read more »