Glam Bookends

Book ends-1

Refinery 29 brings us another sweet handmade project for the home that I love. Turn rocks from your back yard into modern colorful bookends with this great how-to by the very talented Natalie Shriver. Read more »

The Queen of Caulk

Tramaine de Senna Caulk Frosting Series

In her studio overlooking the Aar, de Senna buttoned up her lab coat, donned her latex gloves and face mask, and spent the next three full months clocking about 800 hours working on her “I Love Caulk Frosting” series. Read more »

Self-Balancing Unicycle


21-year-old MIT computer science and electrical engineering student Stephan Boyer built Bullet, a self-balancing electric unicycle that reaches a top speed of 15 miles per hour and is the envy of his peers. Read more »

Motor Mashup Master


Randy Grubb has one sweet job: working from his Grants Pass, Ore., garage, he builds hot rods. His rides, however, are far from ordinary — he builds from supersized truck, jet, and tank parts. Read more »