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Make: Believe Visits Images In Motion

Lee Armstrong and Kamela Porguges with a small selection of their puppet creations.

Kamela Portuges and Lee Armstrong have been making puppets and performing together for over 25 years. Armstrong, who’d gotten her big puppetry break on Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock, met talented sculptor Portuges at a puppet festival; the two soon combined their talents to create their Sonoma, Calif., studio, Images In... Read more »

Make Your Own Monster Skin!


In this installment of Make: Believe we use the techniques that we learned in the last video and a few new ones to create a completed special effects technique. We are again joined by our Engineering intern Paloma Fautley as she teaches us new skills. Use these techniques to create... Read more »

Make: Believe // Special Effects Scar Makeup Tutorial


In this installment of Make: Believe, we learn how to make a few simple scars using special effects makeup. This is a great first project to get into costume makeup. Join us as our intern Paloma Fautley exhibits these techniques on our Creative Director, Jason Babler. Materials: Liquid Latex Scar... Read more »

Amazing Scratch-Built Nautilus


I'm already a big fan of Jonathan Kuriscak's skills at customizing action figures, but his scratch-built Nautilus is phenomenal. Straight from Johnathan: The Nautilus, Captain Nemo's Submarine from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea was scratch built from various materials. At 38 inches long, glass port windows, and with over 5,000... Read more »