MakeShift 21 deadline May 28th

You’ve got one month left to submit your solutions for the MakeShift featured in MAKE Volume 21. The deadline is Friday, May 28. Here’s the challenge: The Scenario: You’ve had a long and crappy day at work. What’s more, it’s raining. Hard. You pile into the front seat of your... Read more »

MakeShift 19 deadline November 20th

The deadline for submitting your solution to the MakeShift challenge from MAKE Volume 19 is fast approaching. Napping in an ocean kayak is generally never a good idea, but what would you do if you stuck in this predicament? Work your brain, get creative, and win stuff! Here’s the MakeShift... Read more »

How to build a catapult part 1

Bill Gurstelle is your MAKEcation counselor for the make-a-trebuchet Family Challenge. Build a trebuchet and post pictures tagged “MAKEcation” in the MAKE Flickr pool to enter to win a $100 Maker Shed gift certificate! Catapults are wonderful, exciting examples of technology. (I use the catapult to mean any projectile hurling... Read more »

MakeShift 17 deadline this Friday

Mountain Bike Rescue This Friday, May 22nd, is the deadline for the MakeShift challenge that appeared in MAKE, Volume 17. To enter, send a detailed description of your MakeShift solution with sketches and/or photos to [email protected] Here’s the challenge: The Scenario: You and your best friend, both experienced mountain bikers,... Read more »

MakeShift 16 Deadline

Today’s the deadline for the latest MakeShift challenge, which graced the pages of MAKE, Volume 16. But since I forgot to remind you readers about the deadline, we’re extending the deadline by 1 day, to Saturday, March 7 (tomorrow!). Here’s what you’re up against: Tick, Tick, Tick … The Scenario:... Read more »