$5.99 Exclusive Ebook Deal of the Day

Missing an issue? Well, today is your lucky day. One day only. Get any back issue of MAKE: Technology on Your Time as PDF for only $5.99 from oreilly.com by entering the code DDMAK. Act now! You never know when a deal like this will come around again. Read more »

Make an old toolbox new again

Depressed by the utter unmanliness of the plastic toolboxes at my local hardware store, I headed to the flea market to see if I could do better. I was looking for a heavy-duty hunk of American steel. It didn’t take long to spot a real beauty … if you find... Read more »

Make a desktop catapult

Let’s face it, nobody needs a medieval siege weapon on their desk. Or do they? I recently decided that the lack of catapults in our brainstorming sessions at work was negatively impacting our ability to be creative. So I decided to remedy this. My friend Bill Gurstelle is the dean... Read more »

Make a Soda Bottle Bike Exhaust

Image (2) dremelExhaust01.jpg for post 82657

My son has this totally awesome "exhaust" pipe on his bike that I covet. It's really a resonator for the classic baseball-card-in-the-spokes trick. It makes a terrific racket, and gets people to move out of the way without necessitating a honk on your horn. I decided to build my own,... Read more »

Make an appliance box fort

It's no secret to kids that a big cardboard box is the best play fort you can have. Find a washing machine box on the curb, drag it home: instant fun. If you want some amenities, such as a drawbridge door or firing slits, you need to put a little... Read more »