YouTube Playlist: Mark Frauenfelder Presents Maker Faire

Today MAKE editor-in-chief Mark Frauenfelder would like to introduce you to some of his favorite makers, and the projects they've brought to Maker Faire, through a special YouTube playlist. If you don't know about Maker Faire, it's a festive two-day exhibition of DIY invention and creativity held annually in several... Read more »

Lil Ju Ju Pinball Museum: Michael Schiess (video)

Michael Schiess shows the exhibits in his Lil Juju Mobile Pinball Museum. The centerpiece on display at Maker Faire Bay Area 2011 is his vintage machine that's been refitted completely in clear plexiglass, so that attendees can see the inner workings of the pinball machine while its being played. Read more »

London’s abandoned, underground mail train

London’s abandoned, underground mail train @ Silent UK – Urban & Underground Photography via io9. Originally designed using a pneumatic system in 1855, after years of testing, tunnel construction and usage its limitation began to show. The Post Office who were already unhappy with its high running costs, coupled with... Read more »

Maker Video Playlist, Our Picks!

2011 is shaping up to be a great year for informative, interesting, and exciting online learning videos. Below are my favorite online video creators in the maker world at the moment – they’re not in any particular order. I like the EEVblog videos that are under 1 hour and not... Read more »