Quick LED Robot Ornament (video)

My colleagues over on CRAFT all have the work ethics and compulsive tendencies that of any crafter worth his/her stripes. When Rachel and Lish proposed an ornament swap this year, precariously close to Christmas, we all piled on. None of us can resist crafting on a deadline. I whipped up... Read more »

Collin’s Lab: DIY Contact Mic

It's amazing what a little disk can do … when it's layered with piezoelectric crystals. Piezo disks are impressively sensitive to vibration and can easily be adapted to work as a contact microphones. The trick is the preamp - a basic circuit used to match the piezo's signal to levels... Read more »

Make: Live Hackerspace Roadshow 11/30/11 (video)

Make: Live‘s Hackerspace Roadshow takes you on a virtual journey to hackerspaces around the globe. Above, makers from NYC Resistor in Brooklyn, NY demo their projects including an Inspector Gadget inspired pop up book, a TV-B-Gone NES Light Gun, remote controlled HAM radio base station, and stylish RFID-blocking wallets. Subscribe... Read more »