Maker Profile – Steampunk on MAKE: television

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WATCH IN HD! Jake Von Slatt invites us into the alternate universe of Steampunk. As leading figures in the Boston arts community, members of Steampunk combine the power of modern technology with the grace and intricacy of Victorian design. Plus, watch the story of steam power, from the first crude... Read more »

Maker Channel 103 on MAKE: television

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Theremin Orchestra - Masami Takeuchis instrumental ensemble looks amazing and sounds even better. Smoke Ring Machine - Ali Momeni shows off his programmable smoke ring generator. Pulse-Jet Bike - Robert Maddox pulse-jet engine-powered bike makes tracks. [Trouble Maker] Drink Beer on CSPAN Bill Barminski demonstrates a simple video hack. Read more »

Maker Profile – Watershed Sculptures on Make: television

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Journey upstream with environmentalist Dan McCormick, a maker who crafts intricate watershed sculptures out of woven willow branches. Dan places his eco-art in gullies and riverbanks to help reduce erosion and filter out sediment and farm fertilizers that can clog streams and suffocate spawning salmon. And see other manmade structures... Read more »