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Maker Faire Daily — Read All About It

The virtual presses are cranking to life over at Maker Faire Daily, as the carnival of Maker Faire Detroit does the same. Dale Dougherty and a few other contributors will be posting images, thoughts, and video snapshots throughout the week, as the Faire takes shape, and by next weekend, we'll... Read more »

Solar Vox on Kickstarter

We covered the work of Eric Strebel in the lead-up to Maker Faire Detroit. He contributed to our “Making Detroit” series. Now he and partner Jim Nogarian have brought their design for the Solar Vox personal USB solar charger to Kickstarter. They’re looking for $35,000 in funding to bring their... Read more »

Detroit Lives documentary

Detroit Lives is a documentary about Detroit and the renaissance of art, culture, and outside-the-box re-development that’s happening there. The film was done by Palladium Boots, the footwear company, and stars “Jackass” Johnny Knoxville. The cursing and rock n’ roll posing may be annoying to some, but I think the... Read more »


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