Mini RPi MAME Cabinet


Sprite_tm’s miniature MAME cabinet that runs off a Raspberry Pi and even has a 128×32 OLED marquee along the top. Recently, I got one of the Pi’s myself exactly because of that reason: it’s always useful to expand your toolset with something powerful and cheap. I didn’t get it for... Read more »

Scratch Built Donkey Kong Arcade Cabinet


Redditor IntenseCircusFire made this excellent replica Donkey Kong arcade cabinet out of MDF wood. He used plans from and it took him about 30 hours to build. Along the way, he took tons of photos of the build process and he shares plenty of tips and equipment suggestions if... Read more »

Lovely Custom Xbox 360 Wireless Arcade Console

XBox 360 Wireless Arcade Console

Impressive “side project” from industrial designer Nick Santillan, whose modular Red Blue CNC machine we’ve covered here a couple times before. Nick writes: Most arcade sticks on the market…all look similar, more often looking like a box with buttons. I decided to make it more elegant that someone with a... Read more »

How-To: Keyboard Breakout Board

Image (2) Salvaged-keyboard-MCU-with-breakout-board-ready-for-your-project.jpg for post 170463

If you're building a standalone project with an embedded PC (say, a CNC rig or a MAME cabinet) one of the easiest ways to get instructions to the software is using the PC's baked-in keyboard interface. But if you don't want to actually use a keyboard to control the thing,... Read more »

Wooden MAME Console


Love Hultèn‘s R-Kaid-6 packs the Maximus Arcade MAME front end, and cooly, you can stack the controllers on top of the console when you’re not playing. [Via Geeky Gadgets] Read more »