T-Shirt Responds to Pollution Levels

Sue Ngo and Nien Lam share their pollution shirt, created for a project during their studies at ITP. The merits of co-working and collaboration are also explored, as Nien talks about his positive experience with working at Collab. Read more »

Otyp Sows the Seeds of Biotechnology

Kyle Lawson and James Peyer discuss their innovative strategy to get biotechnology into schools and hackerspaces. Their company otyp was formed with the purpose of making equipment and information accessible to anyone who wants to get started with genetic research and experiments. Read more »

Ralph Taylor: Dressing Detroit for Mardi Gras

We drop by the design studio of Ralph Taylor, who creates brilliant, bold, colorful and creative costumes for Mardi Gras and carnival celebrations. Originally from Trinidad, Ralph made his way to Detroit where he still practices the craft he picked up while growing up and traveling through the Caribbean. Read more »