Meet the Makers: Maurice Connolly

Maurice Connolly built a 300 lb steel sculpture and dropped it off a cliff. He pitted his art against gravity, just to see what would happen. The piece is a massive sphere called Ganymede- constructed from recycled wine barrel hoops and hundreds and hundreds of bolts. Once Maurice mastered the... Read more »

Meet The Makers: Nirav Patel

Nirav Patel is literally making things with a wave of his hand. Harnessing a hacked Kinect, he has written a program for “Gestural 3D Printing”. He calls the project “inane and irrelevant” but it is actually a perfect, shining example of creative ingenuity! Nirav, his Kinect, and his RepRap will... Read more »

Meet The Makers: Meredith Scheff

The first thing Meredith Scheff ever made was, and I quote, “probably a mess!” She quickly moved onto creating things much more worthwhile. Her North Star Skirt was one of the most interesting projects at Maker Faire last year. Meredith defies description as a comic book-writing-soft circuit-designing-soldering-sewing-creative force. Meredith will... Read more »

Meet The Makers: Sung Kim

Sung Kim's father gave him his first skil saw when he was just seven years old. His mother provided him with modeling clay as a safer alternative not long after that. Sung's grandfather-in-law, ship builder Dean Stevens, left him a coveted collection of hand tools decades later. These influences shaped... Read more »

Meet The Makers: Jason, Jimmy and Kiran

Jimmy Chion, Jason Chua, and Kiran Malladi are the creators of Lightchimes, a beautiful lamp made from 169 hanging LED pendants. The circuit is simple, but the results are complex. This project is about interaction- without interference from a participant, the lights would never shine. Similarly, without collaborative interaction, this... Read more »

Meet the Makers: Satya Kraus

Since the first moment Satya Kraus saw a motorcycle as a child, he has been obsessed. He turned that obsession into Kraus Motor Co. and now builds intricate handmade machines in his workshop under the California redwoods. Kraus Motor Co. will be at Maker Faire Bay Area, May 21 &... Read more »