Seriously Impressive Metalworking Skills

I love clockwork things. (I've built a couple of clocks myself) and so I am seriously impressed by the work of Chris Raynerd over at the site. He's only 28 and has already managed to equip himself with some excellent machining skills. Read more »

Zero to Make: Crash Course in Welding

There's something about the process of joining two pieces of metal together that captures people's excitement and curiosity. Outside of a romantic idea of welding masks, torches, and flying sparks, I had no idea what I was getting into. Now that I've taken a few classes, I've learned enough to... Read more »

How-To: Car Battery Welding

Welding! Welding is a glorious, mystery-infused, thoroughly bad-ass way to stick things together. Welders move in their own cloud of mythos and danger- they are dirtier, tougher, and sexier than any other kind of maker, and the things they build are big and strong and hold our world together. This... Read more »

iNecklace and Massive Jewelry Roundup

To match the iCufflinks: The iNecklace is a gorgeously machined aluminum pendant with a subtle pulsating LED. Perfect for the playa or with Prada. Made for women who celebrate art, science, engineering and great design. Proudly made in North America (Canada and USA). Read more »

Jeri Ellsworth Builds a Pure Stock Car

Those of us who are Jeri Ellsworth fans have heard about her race car builder/driver past, but most us know of her through her electronics engineering exploits. In this Building a Pure Stock Race Car video series, she proves her automotive hacking mettle as she helps her friend Trish make... Read more »