Metal Shop Tips with Tubalcain

Anybody who's interested in metalworking and machining, and has spent any time online, has likely bumped into "Tubalcain." And anybody who has encountered his amazing metalworking/machining videos is almost certainly a fan. And what's not to love? He's a retired machinist and shop teacher from Illinois who's capturing a lifetime... Read more »

Skill Builder: Back to Shop Class: Metal Working

I have a bunch of those Reader's Digest and Time-Life build, repair, maintain handyman books. Way before MAKE and before the internet became an on-demand learning source for just about anything (back when the USENET FAQ was the best resource out there), these sorts of books were a godsend... Read more »

Colossus: Zachary Coffin (video)

Zachary Coffin's Colossus is a large-scale sculpture of wood and steel that holds massive granite rocks suspended above the ground. Ropes hanging from the rocks are pulled by attendees of Maker Faire Bay Area 2011, setting the entire seventy foot tall structure slowly spinning with great inertia. Read more »

How to Remove Anything from Metal

Calling all parts recyclers, pick-and-pull repurposers, and lovers of all things metal! Back in MAKE Volume 17, John Todd shared a veritable catalog of ways to remove various substances, from rust to paint to petrified grease, from metal. John breaks down mechanical methods, chemical methods, and the electrolytic method, complete... Read more »

TARDIS Cufflinks

Looking for that classy Dr. Who touch? Simon Jansen made TARDIS cufflinks from an N-scale model train Police Box. It just took some light metalworking (basically using a razor saw) and painting, and the cufflinks nicely match his TARDIS MAME console. Read more »

Metalheads at Maker Faire Detroit

Joe Sandor and the crew from Chicago Crucible demonstrate an iron pour at Maker Faire Detroit 2011. These metalheads collected metal from old radiators and coke from a Detroit power plant and then fired up the furnace. They poured the molten steel into a watermelon and other decorative molds, which... Read more »