Brass Farthing: Victorian Barbershop Tunes (video)

The Steampunk-inspired barbershop group Brass Farthing crooned and serenaded attendees at Maker Faire Bay Area 2011. In this video they tell the story of one rapscallion of a trombonist who steals the heart of a concert-goer's wife. With their period clothing and brass aviator goggles, you can squint and almost... Read more »

This Potentially Annoying Sound Isn’t so Bad After All

Chris McMullen and Steve Withycombe’s Potentially Annoying Sound is a kinetic sound sculpture constructed from various mechanical elements and a set of discarded church organ pipes. At Maker Faire Bay Area 2011, attendees delightfully turned a large red wheel which was geared to pump air from a bellows into the... Read more »

The Drawing Machine: Harvey Moon (video)

Harvey Moon's Drawing Machine is, at its core, a pen attached to two belts that are both suspending it over a page and controlling its movements. Taking its cues from computer data, the Drawing Machine can reproduce any digitized picture or photograph, except the results are more akin to print-making... Read more »

Solar Electric Robot Chariot (video)

Machinist Bob Schneeveis along with Grant Grundler made the Solar Electric Robot Chariot. Powered by the Sun, the chariot is pulled by an anatomic machine that walks on wheels to lengthen its stride. Machined almost completely out of metal, the mechanics of this art car are shown at Maker Faire... Read more »

Learn to Solder for $1: Jimmie Rodgers (video)

Jimmie Rogers teaches one person at a time how to solder at Maker Faire Bay Area 2011. For only one dollar, participants can buy a kit with a small PCB, a battery, and flashing LED all mounted on a cute robot pin. Jimmie and Mitch Altman have taught thousands to... Read more »

Aperion: Charles Gadeken

Charles Gadeken demonstrates Aperion, a large sculpture depicting a flower resting on three large leaves. Aperion is a large tesla coil which processes sound into electrical impulses. At Maker Faire Bay Area 2011 he uses an electric guitar as a controller for the massive Tesla coils that are part of... Read more »