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Use Staples as Breadboard Jumpers

Recently, we’ve been brainstorming ideas for a breadboarding workshop to put on at Maker Faire and other events. Hoping to save participants the tedium of cutting and stripping their own jumper wires (and the cost of providing readymade jumpers) we hit on the idea of using staples. I first read... Read more »

Mini Rover Redux

This project is based on work by MAKE magazine contributor Tom Zimmerman. Tom, who was honored in 2009 as California’s Volunteer of the Year for his unpaid teaching campaign in public schools, developed the idea as a hands-on activity to accompany his talks about the Mars rover program. Basically, he... Read more »

24 Hour Remote Control Timer

We have a window fan in our upstairs master bedroom to pull cool air in starting in the early evening. The electronically controlled unit has a button to advance the operation from Off to Low, Medium and High, then back to off. If we are not home or forget to... Read more »

Zoom H2 Hack

For a music band, synchronous 4-track sound recording is the absolute minimal setup. Recording instruments on four discrete channels improves the sound quality and makes the master mix easy. The Zoom H2 has that (hidden) opportunity, because it can record sound from the 4 built-in microphones simultaneously. The only thing... Read more »