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Natural Slate Electrical Panels

Natural Slate Control Panel

We've already had some great reader suggestions for Natural Materials month. The first that caught my eye this morning is from MAKE pal and Flickr-pool-roundup regular John Honniball, aka anachrocomputer, who directs our attention to the use of natural slate panels as insulators in vintage electrical equipment. Above, a beautiful... Read more »

Top 10: Natural Materials

Jonathan Wolfe's puzzle acorns

When we say "natural materials," the mind leaps immediately to wood, stone, leather, natural fibers. But there are lots of interesting and more "exotic" materials from the natural world that we don't tend to think of, right away, and digging these up and showing them off is one of the... Read more »

March is Natural Materials Month

A library of "books" containing tree specimens, each made from the wood of the tree it describes.

We're continuing our materials-themed 2012 Skillbuilder coverage this month by highlighting materials that come more or less directly from the natural world. Most of us live surrounded by stuff that is separated from its raw ingredients by quite a bit of heavy industrial processing, and we may forget how rich... Read more »


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