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NEWS FROM THE FUTURE – Quadcopter Art – Suspicion of Terrorism?


Quadcopter drone group held in London airport on suspicion of terrorism: Fresh from performing at Science Gallery in Dublin last night during the opening of Hack the City, an English group of urbanists, technologists and architects who created GPS-enabled quadcopter drones, were held at London Southend Airport on suspicion of... Read more »

NEWS FROM THE FUTURE – Counterfeit Microchips Are Getting So Good They Can’t Be Identified


Counterfeit Chinese Microchips Are Getting So Good They Can’t Be Identified @ Business Insider: This is where it gets a little bit scary,”¬†Feuchtbaum said. “There’s a continual race that there are quality control checks on the genuine products that the counterfeiters can’t copy.¬†And those are good, and they work, but... Read more »


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