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NEWS FROM THE FUTURE – App Developers Too Young to Drive


App Developers Too Young to Drive @ Paul Dunahoo went on a business trip to San Francisco last week, where he attended technical sessions at Apple Inc.’s developer conference, networked with other programmers and received feedback from Apple engineers on his six productivity apps. Then, Mr. Dunahoo, chief executive... Read more »

NEWS FROM THE FUTURE – Counterfeit Microchips Are Getting So Good They Can’t Be Identified


Counterfeit Chinese Microchips Are Getting So Good They Can’t Be Identified @ Business Insider: This is where it gets a little bit scary,”¬†Feuchtbaum said. “There’s a continual race that there are quality control checks on the genuine products that the counterfeiters can’t copy.¬†And those are good, and they work, but... Read more »