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LED traffic lights don't melt snow

Interesting story on MSNBC about how the newer energy-efficient LED traffic lights are causing accidents because, unlike conventional incandescent traffic lights, they do not generate enough heat to keep themselves clear of snow, and thus can easily become obscured by it. I don't think anyone's saying LED traffic lights are... Read more »

Arduino segment on the BBC

BBC News’ Tech department highlights a collection of Arduino projects, introducing the platform to a a broad audience in the process. This is some very bigtime recognition for the lil’ blue board and its users – and hey its about time! =) [via Arduino Blog] Update: Some were curious as... Read more »

HOPE article, interview on CNET

CNET posted a piece outlining what HOPE is all about and conducted a brief interview with the conference founder and 2600 publisher Emmanuel Goldstein – “Basically what the hackers and phone phreakers of the past were doing, everybody is doing today,” he said in an interview on Thursday. “This is... Read more »


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