Paper Plate Mandala

Photo by Christopher Myers

As a young sculptor fresh from art school, Wendy Brackman struggled with the problem of "selling out." In the video, above, she talks about her decision to become a party entertainer. Her act involves spontaneous sculpture of weird party hats cut by hand, from paper plates, using scissors, and joined... Read more »

Make a Kusudama Origami Ball


When she's not busy helping her kids become the architects of tomorrow, Julie Hudy honchos our Maker Mom program. And when she's not busy with all of that, she makes these amazing origami constructions. Read more »

Making Paper Bricks in India


At MAKE we have covered a type of paper brick before, but it was used simply as a fire starter. Professors Rahul Ralegaonkar and Sachin Mandavgane of the Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology in India (VNIT) have come up with a process to make paper bricks designed for creation instead... Read more »

Paper-Based 3D Printing Process

paper print 01

Phil mentioned Ireland's Mcor Technologies when they premiered on Gizmodo back in 2008. Their monochrome Matrix 300+ printer builds models by laminating regular copy/printer paper using controlled application of adhesive and 2D-mechanical cutting on each layer. Now, Mcor is at work on Iris, a prototype design that implements a full-color... Read more »

How-To: Paper Micarta

Paper Micarta

Micarta is a genericized trademark referring to a composite material made from layers of paper or fabric impregnated with thermosetting resin. It is rigid, tough, and electrically insulating, and has many applications ranging from power distribution equipment to countertops. It is also commonly used in knife, gun, and tool handles,... Read more »