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Weave Your Old Maps Together

woven map basket1

One of the most popular projects on Make: Projects originated on the pages of CRAFT when it was a print magazine: the Woven Map Basket. Weaver Jane Patrick (who was previously editor of Handwoven magazine and is currently creative director for Schacht Spindle Company) wrote a simple how-to for taking... Read more »

Working Paper M1911 .45 Pistol

Paper M1911

It can be cocked, rendered safe, loaded, cycled, field-stripped, and even fired, so long as the load is no stronger than a bit of homemade primer. And though it's clear that the coil springs, at least, are actually metal parts, the rest of it is nothing more than carefully cut,... Read more »

November is Paper Month!


So long, October! Onward, now, into the eleventh month of our 2012 "Year of Materials" with a focus on paper. "Paper," for those of you twelve and under, is a generally inexpensive, flexible, thin, sheet-like material made by pressing together moist fibers—commonly derived from plants—and allowing them to dry. "Plants"... Read more »


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