Biomimicry Through Papercraft


Artist Julie Dodd has decided plunge headlong into the medium of paper. Almost all her work uses it, and often to express issues of environmentalism, with the topic of reuse folded into the pieces themselves as she works with discarded materials. Read more »

Weave Your Old Maps Together

woven map basket1

One of the most popular projects on Make: Projects originated on the pages of CRAFT when it was a print magazine: the Woven Map Basket. Weaver Jane Patrick (who was previously editor of Handwoven magazine and is currently creative director for Schacht Spindle Company) wrote a simple how-to for taking... Read more »

How-To: Fireproof Paper

Flame resistant paper

OK, it's probably more accurate to say "flame resistant" or "flame retardant" paper, because the fire does actually damage the paper, but it won't catch flame and burn on its own. The treatment couldn't be simpler. Read more »

Prop Building with Pepakura and Papercraft

thorsson pepakura helmet

It’s hard to imagine a number of Shawn Thorsson’s amazing props and costume parts, which look so otherworldly and industrial as finished product, start out as papercraft models. The process starts with a 3D model of the prop and the Japanese shareware program Pepakura Designer, which translates 3D data into... Read more »

Working Paper M1911 .45 Pistol

Paper M1911

It can be cocked, rendered safe, loaded, cycled, field-stripped, and even fired, so long as the load is no stronger than a bit of homemade primer. And though it's clear that the coil springs, at least, are actually metal parts, the rest of it is nothing more than carefully cut,... Read more »

November is Paper Month!


So long, October! Onward, now, into the eleventh month of our 2012 "Year of Materials" with a focus on paper. "Paper," for those of you twelve and under, is a generally inexpensive, flexible, thin, sheet-like material made by pressing together moist fibers—commonly derived from plants—and allowing them to dry. "Plants"... Read more »