Build a Custom Tremolo Effects Box


The latest addition to our Weekend Projects series is an Optical Tremolo Box. Inspired by Charles Platt’s article about online DIY guitar stomp-box communities (MAKE Volume 15, page 82, “Stomp Box Basics: Tremolo and Fuzz”), MAKE Technical Editor Sean Ragan took up the challenge of building this project. He used... Read more »

Light Theremin Mod a Big Hit

Image (6) wp_lighttheremin_CIMG7274.jpg for post 123716

During the course of Weekend Projects there were several projects that I was personally excited about, to both tinker with and write about. But there was one obvious crowd favorite among the fifteen beginner projects we built. While there was no competition per se, the Light Theremin was the obvious... Read more »

Snap Circuit Light Theremin

Image (2) Snap-Circuits-Light-Theremin-614x460.jpg for post 119545

The Light Theremin is officially one of our most-modded Weekend Projects so far, suitable for both beginner and novice makers dabbling in electronics. We’ve seen a breadboard prototype by Matt for his first foray into circuits, and a further modded version by Steven with a potentiometer thrown in for additional... Read more »