Hinge Sky Tracker for Astrophotography


This sky tracking platform matches the eath's rotation in the simplest way possible. A basic regulator circuit powers a DC gear-head motor, which turns a pair of gears that engage a curved length of threaded rod, and makes the hinge open at the correct speed. You can build it in... Read more »

Build a Square Ring Light for Your Photo Studio


Photographers are familiar with the ring light, which produces a pleasing ring-shaped highlight, or “catchlight,” in a subject’s eyes. It’s often used in the fashion industry to create images you see in many magazines. The Square Ring Light is just like that — except it’s a square. I find it... Read more »

High-Speed Splash Photography Rig with Arduino


Photos of items dropping into water (or other liquids) always have the potential to fascinate — the dramatic splashdown, the explosion of flying droplets frozen in time. They’re also increasingly seen in commercial images — look in your local supermarket and there’s a high probability you’ll find an image of... Read more »

Replacing a Busted Camera Screen

Somehow the screen on my digital camera got busted. Since the ill-fated, and mysterious demise of the back display, I've been limited to using the viewfinder. Last week, I finally got fed up with not being able to take a picture without my eye jammed into the cup. Since I... Read more »

Skill Builder: Caffenol Homebrew Film Developer

Only recently did I find out that you can develop negative film with instant coffee, vitamin C, and washing soda. This homebrew developer has become known as “caffenol” and there are plenty of photographers out there who have used this method in the darkroom. I read up on a few... Read more »